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What's Happening At KYC
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Is it your first time at KYC? Please review and submit the Youth Information and Permission Form.


After School Program

A safe and fun place to hang out with friends and just "be you".  Don't forget the free food!

Programs and Activities

"Flexible yet structured sports nights at Holy Cross. Freedom to try new things that are safe and active."

“I have made better friendships with others by playing D&D each week because I have started talking with others who I probably wouldn't have.” 
"I love bringing my tarot cards to the centre! Not only do I get to practice my tarot reading skills, but my friends enjoy when I read their cards."

“Making food and getting to eat it. The best part of making the food here is that we always get to sample it and retry recipes to make them even better the next time.”
“We can try out a recipe we have been wanting to try for a while.” 


"It helps doing homework at the centre around friends because there's always someone to ask for help when I need it."

Educational Programs

Support Services

“Thank you for connecting us with some needed resources for our youth. We were able to find some solutions that worked for our family.”  


“Thank you for taking the time to make sure we could navigate community resources for our teen."


Field Trips 

 “The two main reasons why I enjoyed the Calypso trip are that I was there with all my close friends and the water slides were so bright and colourful, and the food was amazing.”

"I enjoy getting out in the community and exploring the activities. The day we were on the water was so much fun. I also liked the walks on the trails. Cannot wait to go again!"

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