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About Us

Actually, it’s not about us. It’s all about YOUTH.

Our vision

KYC is a safe, inclusive and welcoming environment that contributes to the positive mental, physical and social development of local youth.

Our mission

To deliver valuable programs supporting the development of skills in youth by providing:

  • A safe and supervised environment

  • Space, materials, mentors and role models

  • Connections with community resources

  • Opportunities for community involvement

  • Youth advocacy

Our purpose and objectives

To encourage the personal growth of youth by mentoring and providing opportunities for them to

engage in positive and active life choices through social and knowledge based activities.

KYC document links

KYC 2022 Yearly Report

KYC Strat Plan App Jan 2021

KYC Bylaws Updated November 2014

KYC Policy Manual March 2022

Incorporation Papers

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