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Electronic Waste Drop Off

 In partnership with the Municipality Waste Program, e-waste may be dropped off at KYC. It is then sold, proceeds go to support KYC!!


Where to Drop Off:

At the rear of KYC at 5, Oxford St West, 24x7

Qualifying electronics and products:

Desktop and laptop computers, peripherals (keyboards and mice), monitors, printers, disk drives, fax machines, televisions, amplifiers, audio and video players, cameras, cell phones, copiers, fax machines, pagers and PDAs, scanners, speakers, telephones, answering machines, tuners, turntables, and video projectors. 

rent kyc
Rent Our Premises


75 people upstairs, 75 people downstairs.

Ideal for meetings, one off or recurring, of all types of groups!!



Microphone and sound system.

Free parking in our lot and on the street.

Full commercial kitchen.

PowerPoint, projector and laptop.

Help with electronic set up; and

Conference room with table and chairs

More details:

For more details or to book please contact

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