The Kemptville Youth Centre is a non-profit organization with a mission to engage youth in making positive life choices in a socially accepting environment to reach their full potential as responsible productive citizens.

Our doors now welcome over 400 youth per year, keeping them safe, engaged and off the street.

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Spread the word about KYC


You’re a big kid at heart and teens are naturally drawn to you. Become a positive influence in the lives of KYC Youth. Youth need role models. Rock Their World →

Spread the word about KYC

Spread the word

Talk to teachers, parents and youth. Tell them about our facility, our programs and our mission. Let’s keep our youth safe, engaged and off the streets.

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There are many ways to donate. Consider asking for donations instead of gifts this year on your birthday. Youth need your support. Pledge Your Birthday →

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If you are 12-18 years of age and looking for a fun, safe, non-judgmental place to hang out, then drop in at KYC. It’s all about youth. Check it out →


Second Family

16 year old female

“The youth centre, even after a week, becomes your second family because we do everything a family does. Some days we argue, some days we can get on each other’s nerves, but during the rough times we are always there for each other. There’s nothing better than the feeling of having a second family somewhere.”

Become a melded family

17 year old female

“I know for a lot of students, we look for acceptance and especially in the younger grades going into high school. No matter what age we are, we are accepted here and become a melded family and find friends despite what is happening in our life.”

Great place to hang out

18 year old male

“Definitely GO!!!! Meet new people and participate. It’s a great place to hang out. I mean I hate just sitting at home. Yet somehow sitting around here and talking with friends is infinitely better.”

Go to the Kemtpville Youth Centre

13 year old female

“My mom and dad split up when I was little and I have been moving from one house to another because they could not/cannot agree on anything. I got in trouble with both my parents one day. There was a misunderstanding and my mom didn’t want me to stay at her house, so she said I had to go to stay at my dad’s. On the way to my dad’s house he called to tell me I could not stay at his house, so when I was walking on the streets I saw my friend. She said if I had nowhere to go I should go to Kemptville Youth Centre.”

We couldn’t do what we do without the support of our Board of Directors, our community partners, our donors and our volunteers.

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